“Fashion is not something that exists in
dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas,
the way we live, what is happening.”

Coco Chanel

We are the fashion company and apparel manufacturer operating fully in Turkey, since 2001. We are primarily engaged in fashion design, product development, pattern development, cutting, sewing, embroidery, printing, final finishing and packing. Our major customers include the leaders in the European textile industry, mainly located in the market of United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain.

Our group consists of two sisters companies TRUVA and ZEYTEKS Textile, based in Istanbul. We have two factories, in two different production areas in Bursa and Lüleburgaz and Head Office in Istanbul, with the total area of 80 000 m2.

The management of all business is carried out in our Head Office in Istanbul, in a modern and comfortable company’s ownership building. The product development starts in this building which is equipped according to all requesting employing conditions. There are the marketing department consisting of three cooperating parts - design team, sales and marketing professionals, then production and planning department with merchandising and purchasing team, administrative and financial department and finally the complete sampling department with workshop. In the sampling department we have embroidery and printing equipment, so we can produce the sample in one day and meet the customer wishes properly and on time. In this building, there is also the showroom with comfortable meeting room and cafe restaurant for the employees, where also all company’s visitors are warm welcomed.